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Founded in 1999, Zolix is a leading Chinese supplier of precision optical instruments and products based on precision mechanical motion and control techniques. It is the most priority for Zolix to provide relative instruments and system solutions to customers in opto-electronical research fields and industries. Zolix owns several families in relative to each kind of main product, which makes sure that customers could have their satisfied proposals or selections from such rich specifications. It is Zolix’s main product team of which consists motorized/manually stages, optical mounts/holders, optical tables, spectrographs, monochromators, Raman systems, fluorescence systems and solar energy-related measurement systems. Zolix serves its customers who come from universities, colleges and industrial companies.





















December, 2019. Received First Prize of Shen Nong China Agriculture Science and Technology Award which was issued by Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC.


January, 2018. Received Second Prize of State Technological Invention Award which was issued by State Council of the PRC.


December, 2017. Received Beijing New Technology and New Products Awards, with popular micro Raman spectrometers and microscope-based photoluminescence spectrographs.
February, 2017. Received First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Ministry of Education of the PRC, with the joint-R&D project “Common key techniques in non-damaged high-throughput real-time optical testing methods for evaluating quality of fresh agriculture products”.


2016. Several new models of Raman spectrographs based on microscopes were released to meet the requirements from different application fields.

December, 2016. Won Beijing Enterprise Technology Center certification.


2015. Undertook R&D project “Research on Application and Manufacture of Confocal Raman Spectrograph” which was supported by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.


March, 2012. LightBar LB-700 testing system received 2011 China New Scientific Instruments Award.


2011. HyperSIS hyper-spectral imaging systems were released.

2011. Undertook R&D project “Photovoltaic cell defect testing system” which was supported by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.


September, 2010. Was authorized as National High-tech Enterprise.

2010. Several new systems for fluorescence materials analytics and LED COB modular testing, with turn-key spectroradiometer were released to LED industrial markets.


2009. Spectral Instruments Division and Opto-Mechanical Products Division were organized.

June, 2009. Turn-key QE/IPCE (Quantum Efficiency) measurement systems for solar cells were designed and manufactured successfully.




2007. Several popular products were authorized for CE and FCC international certifications and exported to Asian, European and North American markets.


2006. Modular-designed QE/IPCE (Quantum Efficiency) measurement systems for solar cells were released.

2006. A dozen of national invention patents, utility model patents and design patents were authorized.

October, 2005. Was first one in peer companies to pass the ISO9001 quality management system SGS international certification.

2005. Several new systems for lens spectral transmission rate measurement and spectrum angular distribution measurement were designed and manufactured successfully.


September, 2004. Customer-designed calibration system for UV-VIS spectrometers was delivered to National Institute of Metrology, China.


May, 2003. Joint-R&D project with Research Center of Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS to develop flow-injection luminometer was completed.
2003. Fluorescence spectrometer and Raman spectrometer were designed and manufactured successfully.




January, 2002. Fine mechanical stages and element holders were released successfully.

February, 2002. High-efficiency keyboard laser markers were delivered and reached up 80% market share at that time.

September, 2002. The first model of spectrum response measurement system for detectors was released successfully.


April,2001. Optical tables designed and manufactured by Zolix were released.


2000. The first model of triple-grating spectrograph manufactured by Zolix was delivered.  


July,1999. Zolix was born in Beijing


Honors and Certifications

Honors and Certifications

Own multiple intellectual properties

In Zolix, R&D activities play roles as engine of continuous development and cornerstone for technology innovation. Zolix focuses on research and application study to design and manufacture new products with strong competition capabilities, while employs advanced technology fruits worldwide to provide excellent integration systems. It is Zolix’s clear strategy to continuously develop core products and techniques which own independent intellectual properties to meet customer’s requirements in different application fields.


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