The 4th "Zolix Follow Your E-O Dreams" Seminar in Nanjing

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From August 24 to 25, 2023, the fourth "Zolix Follow Your E-O Dreams" Seminar hosted by Zolix Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully hold in The Hilton Hotel Nanjing.  More than 100 experts and scholars from different University and Institutes attended the conference.

On August 24, we invited five honored guests to start the opening ceremony , they are Prof. Hongyuan Chen,the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from Nanjing university, Prof. Zhenghui Liu from The Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) CAS., Prof. Shuang Chen from China AeroDynamics Research and Development Center, Prof.Fang Ding from Hefei Institutes of Physical Seience, CAS. And Mr. Jean Dong, the VP of Zolix Instruments.  

We invited Zolix instruments customers report their recently academic achievements,listen to their questions, arguments andsuggestions,which will sure help Zolix update the  independently developed scientific Instruments.

During the coffie break, Zolix demostrate the modular Omnifluo900 transient & steady-state  fluorescence spectrometer, hyperspectral imaging system with Dorne, New optical components with cage structure, new nano-meter resolution long travel and etc.




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